Rocket Detectown is a sovereign state in The Hearts of Its Citizens. It is currently a dictatorship led by Chairman Ben List, and it has a population of 10.


Rocket Detectown was founded by Paige Dewhirst and Melodie Bonnano (also known as the Rocket Detectives, hence the name.

The pair ruled together for a while until a plot by their son Patrick Hughes and his daughter Narmada came to fruition and made Patrick the new King.

After a long and succesful period of rule (interrupted by a short absence during which Patrick's sister, Bethany Longtin was queen), Patrick abdicated in favour of democracy.

Aneesha Smith was the first and only elected president, with former Queen, Bethany Longtin, as her vice president.

After several internal disagreements, Patrick Hughes started the seperatist People of Actual Friendship, (POAF), which won a short civil war, and Patrick once again lead the country, this time as Chairman.

After a short time, Patrick abdicated in favour of long-time friend Ben List.

Rocket Detectown nowEdit

Rocket Detectown is a largely censored nation. The national newspaper, The People's News is heavily censored by government authorities. Despite this, most inhabitants are happy.

The national anthem is Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks.