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Hughes looking his usual sunny self.


Patrick Hughes is a teenager from Nottingham, England, and a member of the Cleek.

Political LifeEdit

As the son of Paige Dewhirst and Melodie A. Bonnano, Patrick was at one point King of Rocket Detectown. He set up a democratic system before abdicating and ending the Rocket Detectown Monarchy in 2013.

In 2013, Patrick set up the People of Actual Friendship (POAF), a seperatist group built around creating true democracy. When POAF won the war, Patrick installed himself as dictator, but abdicated in favour of his assisstant Ben List.

Patrick runs the People's News.

Personal LifeEdit

He is a keen sport fan, supporting Arsenal FC, Nottingham Forest FC, Tennessee Titans, Stanford Cardinal, Nottinghamshire CCC and Hull FC.

He likes the book series A Song of Ice and Fire a lot, his favourite character is Sansa Stark.