Paige "anime" "amy adams" de Best is one of the founding members of the Cleek, and former queen of Rocket Detectown. "Paige and Melodie are disgustingly cute." said an anonymous cleek member, when asked to comment on their relationship.

Queen Paige

After founding Rocket Detectown, Melodie and Paige took over as its rulers. They were later overthrown by their son Patrick and his daughter Narmy, and exiled and sentenced to jail for the murder of an unknown citizen. Not long after, they were released from prison by the benevolent citizens of their town who had turned it into a democracy under the leadership of President Aneesha Smith.

"Paige?" One of the citizens said when asked to comment on her rule. "Which one?"

Personal lifeEdit

Not much is known about Paige's private life, and she goes by many names to conceal her true identity. Animes Paige, Paige de Beast, and Frick are just a few of these.

"Animes Paige lives in cave watches 10,000 animes each day" - Narmy

Her relationship with other Cleek members is also shrouded in confusion. Narmy is her granddaughter and her twin. Mandy is her great-granddaughter and her best friend. Derek is her great-grandson and her brother-in-law.

The FBI and CIA are currently investigating her connection to Spiders Georg, a wanted criminal.