Narmada (nickname Narmy) is teenager who lives in India. She spends much of her time watching things that are called "anime".


Funky fresh.

A sweet girl, one who is super cute, and very funny. She is best known for her multiple typos, which have earned the name of "Narmyspeak". One can learn to speak this language rather fluently with prolonged exposure to Narmada.

Narmy is also known for her multiple twitter accounts. At last count, she ran and operated at least 10 accounts. She hits tweet limit at least three times a day.

Cleek LifeEdit

Narmada was adopted by Patrick Hughes, Melodie and Paige's adopted son. Narmy then proceeded to try and adopt every person she met. This led to her adopting powers being stripped from her, and every adoption she had made thus far had been ruled null and void.

Paige Dewhirst is quoted saying "Narmy has ruined my life". The context of this quote appears to be in relation to the aforementioned "anime".