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Megan loves using PhotoBooth and giving the finger to people! Here's a picture of her doing both!

Megan likes to do the boogie oogie down in good 'ol New England. Sometimes she does the boogie oogie so hard she can't stop. She begins convulsing on the floor, reaching for her phone blindly, just so she can tweet in her last breath, "boogie oogie until you can't boogie oogie no more."

Cleek LifeEdit

Just another one of Narmy's illegitimate children. But, when Megan sits down on her bed under her heating blanket while eating a nice bowl of macaroni and cheese (which happens at least three times a week), she begins to think. Aren't we all, in some way, one of Narmy's illegitimate children? It puts everything into perspective.

Megan does this thing where she constantly feels the need to tell everyone in The Cleek how much she loves them. She knows everyone is terrified of her, especially when she begins to cry (which is often). However, this does not stop her. She will either show her affections by calling them assholes, little shits, dumbasses, etc. or she will just bite the bullet and shout, "I LOVE YOU ALL." That's when everyone truly begins to cower.

Personal LifeEdit

Megan spends most of her time eating various cheese products, playing l4d2 with her ot4 (megaylodaige), making fart and poop related jokes with fellow Cleek member, Kayla, complaining about everything she possibly can, and loving fellow Cleek member, Leni with a huge portion of her heart.

During the summer season, her dad often refers to her as a vampire, as Megan usually goes to bed around 7AM and wakes up well into the late afternoon. As fitting as this title is, Megan is more of a werewolf girl, as she is incredibly obsessed with MTV's hit television series, Teen Wolf. She also spends a lot of time crying about McKirk and a huge portion of those tears are caused by The Demon Sugarplum , Leni. 

Megan clearly gets a huge kick out of talking about herself, as she has written a short essay in this here Wiki!

Lastly, she's more hip and cool than everyone in the entire Cleek and that's a fact.