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Megaleni is the ship name of the two young, hot, hip, and cool ladies, Megan and Leni. They became girlfriend and girlfriend on January 17, 2014.

History According to MeganEdit

In the month of October in the year of 2013, Megan and Leni began conversing. In their first conversation, Megan said these words: "god only knows what the future holds haha I'm Megan, by the way!" which in everyone's opinion, is pretty fucking awesome.

Naturally, Megan had a dumb stupid crush on Leni that was dumb and stupid and she chose to ignore for dumb stupid reasons, but then she didn't have to ignore it anymore and rainbows and butterflies began emerging from every corner of her room when Leni told her how she feels. Megan replied eloquently, "are you actually are you being literally serious right now" in addition to other words.


Megaleni is often described by The Cleek as "gross" because they tend to be totally gross and adorable. They are aware of their grossness and actually pretty fucking proud of it. At times, it seems as though they are actively trying to out-gross each other. The Cleek cries silent tears, but they actually ship Megaleni a lot, Derek being the ship's number one supporter.

When they made the transition from being fucking awesome friends to being fucking awesome girlfriends, no one in The Cleek even realized because apparently they had been talking to each other completely disgustingly lovey-dovey-like when they were just friends and therefore there was no difference to the outside world. The day that The Cleek found out was a day that Kayla, who knew, tweeted, "where did megan even go" to which Leni, classy as always, replied, "my bed." Kayla then said, "the thing is now you're dating and I don't know if this means anything." The crowd proceeded to "go wild," as the kids say. It is a day to be marked down in history.

Megan and Leni often look back on things that they had said to each other in the past or feelings they felt and say, "Wow, we were dumb." In addition to that, they make a lot of jokes about butt plugs and Leni setting herself on fire.