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Kayla expressing distaste in her cat's sitting spot, which was previously her own.

Kayla is the first member of the Cleek to be added in December of 2013 after the original 10 was established. Kayla is a 16 year old Canadian, the youngest of the group. She is also the adopted daughter of Narmada and the sister of Amanda. She is proud to call 42 penis her nephew.


Kayla is most well known for her love of her wife, Demi Lovato. Kayla has frequently posted pictures of her wife with incomprehensible captions expressing her extreme sexual frustration. Kayla often retweets many pictures of her wife doing inane things as well, as these still bring Kayla copious amounts of joy. 

Kayla is also known for her love of serial killer female characters, most notoriously Kate Argent. Kayla once even stated that a character was her favourite before even knowing that they were a serial killer and would kill Kayla's least favourite character in the series. 

Kayla is also a fan of "the animes". While still a novice fan, Kayla has expressed much interest in the series of Attack On Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Dangan Ronpa. Her descent started when Narmada one day told Kayla to watch anime and Kayla responded "sure".

Lastly, Kayla is known for her love of cats, often texting pictures of them to random people with gibberish about how cute they are. As Megan Wood once said, "I will throttle you with your bladder if you send me one more picture of your fucking cats" followed by a picture of Taylor Swift smiling blankly at the camera. 

Gayness LevelEdit

On a scale of 1-10, 14.