Bethany Longtin was born on June 8, 1996 in Sherman, Texas. She unfortunately still lives there.

Cleek LifeEdit

Bethany first met Melodie in a livestream and they followed each other on Tumblr for nearly a year before following each other on Twitter and becoming closer friends. Bethany was introduced to the rest of the cleek around the end of June and soon moved into Rocket Dectectown as a neighbor. She was adopted by and married to Narmy until all of her marriages and adoptions were declared null and void and she was then adopted by Melodie and Paige.

Bethany was queen for a short while in Patrick's abscence and everyone was very happy and prosperous during her rule. After the monarchy was destroyed, she was appointed Vice President of Rocket Detectown and then became queen once more after the governemnt was overthrown and Ben was named king.

Personal LifeEdit

Bethany spends most of her time thinking about making out with her hella rad boyfriend Ben, and watching The Office. The 10th Doctor is her Doctor and in another universe she is the helmsman of the USS Enterprise. Bethany and Ben plan to write, produce, and direct tv shows and movies together in the future and wish to become an even cooler version of Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak.


"All thespians are also lesbians" December 1, 2013