Benethany is the ship name of Bethany Longtin and Ben List. They became canon on August 22, 2013.


benethany looking incredibly hot



On August 15, 2013, after weeks of shipping the then crack ship Benethany, Patrick convinced Ben to look at pictures of Bethany. Once he discovered her beauty, Ben decided to message her on Tumblr, starting up their first proper conversation in which he misses her Avenger reference. After a week and a half of disgusting flirting, Ben finally sent her a message asking if she was cool with him calling her his girlfriend and they were canon.

Better Than You? Yes.Edit

Ben and Bethany are by far the best couple in all of existence. The fact that they are 5,000 miles apart only proves that their love is better than anyone elses for it is strong enough to stretch over an entire sea. They often have Skype dates in which they think about making out and cuddling. Their future plans involve moving to Greenwich and adopting a balck kitten named Lola, who Ben will teach the facts of life and Bethany will teach her how to drink milk and do cat things.

Benethany DayEdit


The couple met on March 11, 2014 in London in front of the Kensington Crowne Plaza. After waiting outside for 20 minutes, Bethany heard a whistle from across the street and saw Ben trying to get her attention. He quickly crossed the street over to her and they hugged and had a not so perfect first kiss. They made up for it in full during the rest of the day in the elevator of the hotel, the starcases of the Science Museum, in the middle of the National Portrait Gallery, on a nice couch in the National Gallery, in a chair at Starbucks, in the candy shop at Hamley's, in front of a disgusted waitress at Mildred's, and in many Underground stations. By the end of the day they were experts at making out, holding hands, and getting lost in London. It was a perfect day.