Ben List is 18 and lives in his own head, mostly.


Variable. On a scale of the funniest guy you know to some kind of insular mute.

Cleek LifeEdit

Ben was pulled into the Cleek by his best friend Patrick Hughes . How did it happen? It is a mystery.

Personal LifeEdit

'It is a mystery' is Ben's catchphrase. He is the Cleek's go to person for all things Kinks and Simpsons . He has nearly 500 Kinks/Ray/Dave songs on his iPod, and is fairly sure Ray Davies is a different regeneration of him. How else could he be so sure. This would make their meeting at a book signing in London equivalent to The Two Doctors.

Ben will showrun Doctor Who one day. It has been decided.

Ben is in a ridiculously cute relationship with Bethany Longtin .