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Amanda in her high school uniform her senior year.

Amanda (nickname Mandy) was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 28, 1995. She is currently a first year student at the University of the South. 

Living SituationEdit

"I don't even think I know where I live."

Amanda lived in the same house in New Orleans for the first sixteen years of her life. Her parents divorced when she was fifteen years old, and her mother moved to Houston, Texas. She lived with her dad for a year before deciding, on her own accord, to move to Houston to be with her mother. In January of 2012, two weeks into the semester, she moved to Houston and began attending high school there. She finished high school in Houston. 

Because of this, Amanda lives in New Orleans, Houston, and Sewanee. 

Teen Wolf and the CleekEdit

"do you think paige just sits there cackling because she's made a teen wolf monster out of me?" -a tweet from mandylivetweets (now stliesstilinski) made on June 18, 2013

Spring of 2013, Amanda became friends with Paige. On April 11, Amanda friended Paige on Facebook after a discussion of the mispronunciations of their last names. From then on, they discussed television shows and Supernatural with each other on an almost daily basis. In late May, Amanda made a new Twitter account for mainly television show related topics. The username on this account was originally mandylivetweets, but it can now be found at stliesstilinski. At this same time, Amanda followed Paige's girlfriend Melodie, and they began a friendship as well. 

Mid-June, Paige made a simple suggestion to Amanda. She told her to watch Teen Wolf. Amanda began watching the show only a few hours after the initial suggestion. It was all downhill from there. In less than 72 hours, she finished the twenty-eight episodes of the show that had aired up to the point. In that time, Amanda began connecting with many of Paige's friends, who also began watching the show. Soon, there was a group of people on Twitter who all watched and loved the show. This group of people would later be known as the Cleek. 

They bonded mainly over Teen Wolf at first, but it soon evolved into deeper friendships between everyone. The Cleek became a real group of friends who had mainly bonded all together because of Teen Wolf

While not every member of the Cleek watches the show (see: Ben), it was, more or less, the starting point for this group. Many members are not into the show as much as they used to be, but Amanda's obsession is sitll going strong. 

Amanda herself has stated that her love of Teen Wolf cannot be compared to any other television show, not even Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the show that started it all.